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Written by Linda Palacios   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 05:38

It's sexy, sensual and the perfect gift for you and your loved one. No, it's not perfume or lingerie. Learn about the latest trend in photography that's capturing beautiful bodies across the Tri-State.

From James Blunt to Christina Aguilera, everyone sings about it. You are beautiful. And one photographic trend helps you embrace that beauty and celebrate it an in uber-sexy way.


Boudoir photography is increasing in popularity, so what exactly is it? Pronounced "boo-dwar," the word literally means a woman's dressing room or bedroom, so boudoir photography takes a peep and reveals the sensual side of a woman.


Now, don't get your panties in a ruffle! This style is more pin-up than pornographic. "I'm all about empowering women because during the [boudoir] session and then even afterwards, not only is it empowering for my client, but it's empowering for myself too," says Jacalyn Mains, owner of JMM Photography and local photographer.


While a big surge of brides as clients has come about, 90 percent of Mains' clients are mothers, particularly mothers looking to give a 10th-wedding-anniversary present. "So they're mothers and maybe they're not feeling as sexy as they did when they were in their 20s or even maybe 30s," Mains says, but boudoir photography can help them realize the beauty that is still there.


  "You don't even realize that you can look like that, and for someone like [Mains] to be able to shed light on you that you've never even seen yourself in before makes you pretty proud that you're a beautiful woman and that you can take beautiful pictures. And you don't have to be a supermodel to be able to do that," says Dallas H020810BEAUTY3.jpguang, whose baby was 9 months old at the time of her boudoir session with Mains.


To bring out that beauty, women can wear sexy lingerie, but Mains recommends getting a little more personal. Whether it's your own stethoscope from nursing or your rodeo man's cowboy hat, bringing in personal items really can intensify the heat in the photos. "I think some of the sexier things I wore were my husband's oversized white-collar shirt and tall boots," Huang says.


  Women often give themselves a chance to relax and have fun during the photo shoot, but it isn't until they see the finished products that their sense of self-beauty really sets in. Mother of two Marisha Pence loved "every single picture" from her session because Mains focused on specific items and parts of the body to really bring out the best in her, Pence says. "I looked beautiful."


For more information about boudoir photography or to set 020810BEAUTY2.jpgup your own sexy session with Mains, head to the JMMPhotography Web Site.




Photographer: Jacalyn Mains

Top photo model: Holly Jackson

Second photo model: Dallas Huang

Third photo model: Marisha Pence

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