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Written by Linda Palacios   
Friday, 29 January 2010 14:14

Home, Sweat, Home
Finding a home in health might seem like an unusual goal, but this local woman helps clients develop long-term lifestyles and
turn goal "setting" into "achieving" with these five steps.
After achieving her lifelong goal of running her own company, personal trainer Danielle Korb now assists others in reaching their own goals at Sweat Training, located at 6200 Montgomery Road in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio.


As the owner of Sweat Training, Korb helps clients work through adversity, maintain motivation and achieve the goal of a healthy, fit lifestyle. To make it all happen, Korb looks to five key elements, and she agreed to share her secrets with Cincy Chic.


1. Finding an Emotional Attachment


Determining a source of motivation serves as a starting block. "If you're not emotionally attached to your goal, you are not going to be driven to get to it," Korb says. So Korb always asks her clients to define their emotional motivator, whether it's "fear, anger, excitement, optimism, disappointment," she says.


2. Getting the Right Tools and Resources


Motivation can be meaningless if you don't put it to good use, so another factor in achieving your fitness goal is to find the right resources to make your dream a reality. As a personal trainer, Korb serves as a resource to provide the necessary tools to get fit. "When [clients] come in, all they have to do is be motivated to do my workouts, and I set it up so that the work that they're putting in allows them to become successful," she says.


3. Maintaining Persistence and a Positive Attitude


"Nothing will ever take the place of persistence — not genetic talent to have a good body and not even being educated," Korb says. "You have to be persistent and work hard." Keeping a consistent workout routine puts persistence on your side, which means that another factor in achieving your goals is to set a workout schedule and stick to it. To help you stick to your workout routine, a positive attitude can go a long way. If you enjoy the process, you are much more likely to press on.


4020110HEALTH2.jpg. Working through the Road Blocks


As you strive to succeed, you're going to have some trying times. You may revert to old habits or allow a negative perspective (either external or internal) stand in your way. "Everyone is going to experience road blocks," Korb says. "A defining difference is whether or not people work through the road blocks or they give up at the first sign of difficulty." So Korb makes it her job to help her clients recognize the obstacles in their way and to support them in their struggle to overcome those obstacles.


5. Making the Lifestyle Long-Term


This step goes beyond your initial emotional attachment because "normally what starts you is not what's going to keep you for the long term," Korb says. To convert from a short-term mentality to a long-term lifestyle, Korb helps her clients transition from just a satisfaction of results to actually enjoying the process involved in achieving those results. To make that transition, Korb depends on three factors: competence, autonomy and relatedness.


Competence in the gym gives you the confidence to know what you need to do and how you need to do it. Autonomy makes you do the workout because you want to do the workout, not just because you feel guilty about shelling out the dozens of dollars each month on your gym membership. And relatedness allows you to enjoy the people with whom you work out so that your gym time turns into a friendly competition filled with camaraderie and fun.


Using these five elements, Korb makes it her mission to help others live out theirs. For more information about Sweat Training's personal training and boot camp offerings, head to or call (513) GO-SWEAT or (513) 467-9328.




Photos courtesy of Danielle Korb


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