Revamp, Renew, Revitalize

010410FEATURE.jpg Revamp, Renew, Revitalize
Turn your life and look around

In 2009, Cincinnati voted in a casino,
Tiger "transgressed" and your denim went from skinny to boyfriend. Lots can change in just one year, but one thing that usually doesn't is you falling to the bottom of your priority list. Resolve to change that with these six simple ways to find a new you in the New Year.

New Year's resolutions don't have to entail something you hate. (Come on, nobody really wants to cut all of the goodies out of her diet.) Instead, you can resolve to give yourself a break and actually enjoy the steps toward that 2010 goal. Aveda Frederic's Institute spa educator Brianne Taubert offers six ways to help you get rid of the built-up holiday stress and revitalize yourself from head to toe.


Go from Here to Hair


One of the first physical features to make an impression is your hair. Greasy or clean, stringy or healthy, your hair plays a major role in people's perceptions, Taubert says, so to revamp your look, take care of your tresses. Taubert recommends deep conditioning your hair at least once a week. "We're rough on our hair, and the honest to God truth is that after you start getting those split ends, it's gotta be cut off, so [a deep conditioning treatment] is prevention," Taubert says. For the best prevention, match the type of deep conditioning treatment to your lifestyle by choosing one that protects against the kind of damage you experience most — chemicals, heat, the elements.


0110Fence_INSTORY.gif Clear Your Head


While deep conditioning works wonders, you also should go to the root of the problem with a weekly scalp massage. No need to go to a salon or spa, though, because you can do it yourself. Taubert recommends using the Aveda Beautifying Composition, which is a multi-purpose product that can help moisturize and nourish from "fingertips to head," she says.


No matter the product you use, massaging your head will give you instant stress relief as you work the universal stress point, the scalp. "As you massage your scalp, you're going to have a reflexive effect on the entire body, so you're entire body's going to be more relaxed," Taubert says. And you show your locks some love at the same time by stimulating the hair follicles, which provides longer, healthier hair.


Face Your Fears


Forget the lions and tigers and bears! The real fears for a woman come from black heads and crow's feet and sun spots. (Oh my!) But your fight against your frights doesn't have to be a lifelong war if you consult with an esthetician or cosmetologist about what's right for you, Taubert says. These skin experts have the technology and experience to identify your individual battles and to recommend products that will help you keep your glow (and your cool) for years to come. So stop trying every bottle in the book and "solution" on the shelf to find your knight in shining armor.


010410FEATURE2.jpgTake a Breath of Fresh Air


You have to breathe to live, but you can change the way you breathe for better or worse. To change your breathing for the better, imagine that you are filling up your stomach area like a balloon, Taubert says. Focusing on deep, slow breathing can provide your body with vital oxygen as it calms the nerves throughout your body. "Breathing just lets you sit down and chill out," Taubert says, and with all of the constant stress of your daily frustrations, taking the time to consciously escape from stress has lasting benefits.


To enhance your escape, Taubert recommends tapping into your sense of smell through various aromas. Customize your breathing exercises with the type of aroma you use. For an energizing experience, try peppermint or citrus notes, and for a more calming effect, go for rose, vanilla or lavender aromas, Taubert says. To target specific energy centers, check out Aveda's Chakra Balancing Body Mists. Taubert uses the Chakra 6 to boost her intuition and Chakra 4 to improve her relationships.


Treat Your Feet


Just because you bundle up your feet with socks and boots through the winter doesn't mean they deserve to be neglected. In fact, winter's one of the harshest times for your feet as they cram into boots that are too tall and too tight.


So after the holiday season has wrapped up, give one more gift with a foot massage for yourself. Just like how your scalp is a universal stress point, your feet have reflexive properties with thousands of nerve endings. "It's a nice way to energize them and thank them for what they do for us every day," Taubert says. "We got to take care of our feet because we only get one pair."


Doll up Your Digits


You trimmed and un-trimmed your tree, now finish off your head-to-toe makeover by trimming your tootsies. You may not be wearing flip flops, but a little color on your toenails is another little present you can give yourself. With names like Bahama Mama and Sand of a Beach, Aveda toenail polish provides mini vacations. "It's a fun way to break out of the winter doldrums and dreariness by using something that can kinda transport you away from here," Taubert says.


To turn these resolutions into reality, check out Cincy Chic's "New Year, New You" event from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Jan. 21 at Aveda Frederic's Institute. With a massage, a skin care analysis and a quick peek into spring fashions, you'll be on your way to a revamped, renewed, revitalized you!



Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Brianne Taubert
Location: The McAlpin

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