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Written by Linda Palacios   
Monday, 28 December 2009 07:16

Sparking Healthy Lifestyles
One local lady lights up the lives of people around the globe and the Tri-State as she encourages and inspires them to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. 

Local health expert Nicole Nichols teaches fitness classes at Revolution Fitness in Oakley, Ohio, but her impact stretches beyond Ohio, beyond Kentucky and beyond Indiana as she reaches an international audience as the editor and content manager for SparkPeople.


SparkPeople provides readers with free information focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With its workout videos, health articles and other resources, serves as the most active diet and fitness site in America, which puts it above sites like and And Nichols plays a major part in making it all happen.


Nichols joined SparkPeople after changing majors from architecture to health education at the University of Cincinnati. She began as a freelance writer but quickly climbed up the ranks with her ability to relate to her audience and, more importantly, her audience's ability to relate to her.


 "She's becoming this star all over the world by being a real person," says Chris Downie, SparkPeople founder and CEO. Everyone at SparkPeople maintains that "real" persona as they promote a healthy lifestyle that anyone can achieve — without any stylists or personal trainers, Nichols says. 1209_GOTOGAL_INSTORY.gif


Nichols views her own healthy lifestyle as a tool to achieve what she wants in life. "To me, the whole point isn't just for the sake of being healthy. It's so that you can do all the things you want to do, so you can live longer and have more experiences and not be held back by health issues or weight issues or sometimes even a lack-of-fitness issues," she says.


By living a healthy lifestyle, Nichols believes that a person can achieve their dreams, and she has lived up to her own beliefs. Starting out in the fitness world, Nichols always had a goal to have her own fitness DVD.


"I never thought that could happen," she says, but after making several videos for, Nichols will make that goal a reality. Dec. 29 marks the release of her workout DVD, "The Spark: Fit, Firm and Fired Up in 10 Minutes a Day." Also set to release Dec. 29 is the book "The Spark," to which Nichols contributed.


Whether in an article, in a book or in a workout DVD, Nichols wants to convey the message that women should start a healthy lifestyle for themselves, not to meet any standards set by others. "If you're focused more on just becoming a better you instead of like something else, I think that you're more likely to make the right choices, take care of yourself because you want to do it for you," Nichols says.


Photographer: Scott Beseler

Model: Nicole Nichols

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