Making up is Hard to Do

121409FEATURE.jpg Making up is Hard to Do
Resolutioners reveal their progress

At the beginning of the year, three women won makeover packages through
Cincy Chic, and they're back to let you know how well they've stuck to their New Year's resolutions. Check out the "before" and "after" of these local ladies.

Almost as many New Year's resolutions are made as they are broken, but at the beginning of the year, three women set out to break that stereotype and stick to their goals. Michelle Bradley, Caryn Miller and Ramona Fisch all won a free makeover package through Cincy Chic at the end of last year.


At the beginning of this year, we exposed the women's goals and aspirations for the year in the Jan. 5 issue, "New Year's Real Solutions." Now, it's time for the big reveal.


121409FEATURE2.jpgMichelle Bradley


This local police officer makes it a career to help others, but for six years Michelle Bradley failed to help herself. She wrote of a bad relationship in her nomination for the Cincy Chic makeover. "I think the description I used was that I was involved in a relationship with a man for six years who didn't even deserve a single day of my time. He lied to me from day one to even get me to have a relationship with him, although that was something I didn't learn until last year," Bradley wrote in her Cincy Chic blog.


So after six years, Bradley used the courage she embodies day in and day out with her work and called it off with her boyfriend in September, a step she calls the biggest part of her makeover experience. This breakup led her to focus on herself for a while and take care of some projects she had placed on the back burner. Now, she has a new roof, a new patio and a new look to her bathroom. Her house is starting to become her home as her design selections and renovations reflect her personal style.


Beyond her house, Bradley has taken time to focus on her own looks. After meeting with the staff at Tuscany Spa-Salon, Bradley has felt more confident in expressing her feminine side. Her side bangs help her feel more like a lady even when she has her hair pulled back when she's in uniform. She wears her hair down more often, and she even mixes things up every once in a while and straightens out some more kinks with the flat iron she bought.


Through everything, Bradley has listened to the words of wisdom of life coach Mary Claybon, owner of The Middle Way: Concentrate on one thing to change and take small steps to make that change. By starting small, Bradley has proved Claybon's advice a success as she became more motivated to tackle larger projects (like the new patio) after meeting her smaller goals (organizing the mail).


Overall, Bradley's makeover has put her in control of her life, and this new, improved woman uses her power for the positive.


121409FEATURE3.jpgCaryn Miller


A year ago, Caryn Miller had hit rock bottom. She hated the way she looked. She hated the way she felt. She was engulfed in a negative life. And it would seem like a layoff in July would have only made her sink lower, but by then, Miller wasn't the same woman anymore.


"The makeover was the best thing because in December I was at my 'end of the road' with everything. Between this makeover and Life Success [Seminars] …, that's what saved my life," Miller says. So her winning the makeover through Cincy Chic in the New Year set her on a new path, a path toward transformation.


Miller started off her year by getting the hair she'd always dreamed of. Allusions Hair Restoration Studio hooked her up with a new hair piece that complements her natural hair to make it look thicker and fuller. "When I wear it, I get a lot of compliments. It's beautiful," Miller says.


instory_JennLynn.gif And her locks aren't the only things bringing in the love. "I get a lot of compliments on how white my teeth are," she says, which gives props to Dr. Barry Gibberman who gave her a Zoom whitening treatment.


The makeover also helped her step out of her comfort zone and try Life Success Seminars, a step to which Miller attributes much of her personal growth through the year. Through Life Success Seminars, Miller changed her negative attitude into a positive mindset, and she accepted new friends into her life and let go of the people who were pulling her down.


With her new-found freedom, Miller turned a possible negative event of a layoff into a positive experience as she let her layoff encourage her to achieve her goal to move out of Fairfield and start back to school. She currently is enrolled at Butler Technical College to obtain a degree in nursing.


While she didn't achieve her goal of losing 100 pounds, Miller weighs 50 pounds less than she did at the beginning of her life transformation. And with her drastic change toward the positive, Miller now accepts herself just as she is. "I can honestly look in the mirror and say I love myself now, and I really, honestly mean it," she says. "And I've never been able to do that."


121409FEATURE4.jpgRamona Fisch


When we asked Ramona Fisch how her makeover year went, her initial reaction was, "Well, some things went well, some things did not go so well."


As for the positive, Fisch loved her visit to Tuscany where an esthetician threaded her eyebrows and a stylist cut, colored and styled her hair. "It's a very personable salon. All the girls there are really, really nice, so it was really a nice evening," she says. In fact, the ladies were so personable that Fisch has made Tuscany her go-to salon.


But Tuscany wasn't the only part of her makeover that kept Fisch smiling. When she started her makeover, Fisch had just had her braces removed, and she was looking to keep the improvements coming. So Gibberman worked with Fisch to provide her with veneers to correct discoloration and a broken bonding. "We rebuilt her smile," Gibberman says.


As for the negative, Fisch struggled with her goal to lose weight. "I lost 17 pounds but found it again," she says. A change in her work schedule threw a wrench in her routine, and her continued menopause frustrations continued to pose obstacles. But Fisch is looking to bounce back and continue in her weight-loss efforts.


Fisch and her co-workers started a competition, and each week everyone pays a dollar and weighs in. Come March, whoever has lost the highest percentage of weight will win part of the money, and the rest will go to charity. And to help her win the competition, Fisch has partnered with her next door neighbor to start a fitness regime.

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