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Written by Linda Palacios   
Sunday, 13 December 2009 12:24

Fitness Flipping
Just after "The Biggest Loser" finale, you might be looking for a body transformation, and this local fitness facility has what it takes to help make that happen.

When it comes to a healthy body, everyone knows that diet and exercise are the key factors that you can control, but with all of the possible diets and exercises, fat chance you'll just stumble on the right combination! So HealthStyle Fitness has created a program to help you get rid of your slim chances as you become slim yourself.


Total Fitness Makeover seeks to empower clients with knowledge and understanding of both exercise and diet. This makeover program actually is a makeover of the former Complete Fitness Transformation program at HealthStyle Fitness.


The Complete Fitness Transformation was a more seminar-based program that relied heavily on the participants' taking the knowledge from a seminar and applying it to their lifestyle as they worked out at home. With only an average of 40 percent of participants seeing positive results, HealthStyle Fitness President Brian Calkins recognized the need for change.


Through participant feedback and a close examination, Calkins revamped the program to be the Total Fitness Makeover, and 82 percent of participants not only achieve positive results, they also reach the they create with the help of the training assistants at the beginning of the program. If 82 percent is still too low of a success rate, Total Fitness Makeover provides a 100 percent money back guarantee if you finish unsatisfied.


To kick off the program, each participant goes through a nutrition workshop that entails a health and fitness analysis to provide a baseline. This analysis also serves as a safety precaution so that trainers understand clients' health histories and can cater to individual needs. For example, if a client has had knee surgery or has problems with their back, Calkins and the other trainers are able to modify any information and movement to prevent further injury and even strengthen the area.


After the nutrition workshop, participants come in three to five times a week for a small-group workout. While they set up guideline times for workout times, the program stays flexible for the busy woman's needs. Once she gets there, though, she can expect shorter, more intense bursts of exercise to "crank up the heart rate" and increase the benefits, Calkins says. Throughout each workout, trainers coach each participant, and with only about eight people in the group, each person receives individualized instruction and feedback.



Beyond the nutrition workshop and multiple workouts, participants receive daily educational e-mails that provide inspiration, motivation and knowledge from quick tips to Total Fitness Makeover recipes. Participants also can take advantage of the bodybugg online management system, which is included in the program price.


HealthStyle Fitness was the first bodybugg licensed distributor in the state of Ohio, so participants can buy the bodybugg calorie management system ($199) to use along with the online management system. Contestants on "The Biggest Loser" strap this tool onto their left arms to keep track of the number of calories they burn throughout the day to stay on track in the competition.


As far as pricing goes, HealthStyle Fitness is offering a special through January that lets participants sign up for the five-day-a-week workout program for the three-day-a-week workout program price. And participants have the option to sign up for a one-month ($329), three-month ($299 per month) or six-month ($229 per month) program.


For more information, visit HealthStyle Fitness online at, call (513) 407-4665, e-mail Calkins at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or head to 4325-B Red Bank Road in Madisonville, Ohio.




Photo courtesy of Brian Calkins

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