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Written by Linda Palacios   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 01:57

Motivating Your Assets
Boot camp might get your booty in shape, but it probably won't keep your attention for the long haul. Get creative with your workout with this local studio that will keep you coming back.

You're not alone. Many women struggle with finding exercise that stays fresh and exciting. But BodyMind Balance has what it takes to make you get your butt off the couch and into shape.


BodyMind Balance is a self-proclaimed studio of firsts. The studio was both the first certified Pilates studio in Ohio and the first facility in Cincinnati to offer GYROTONIC.


BodyMind Balance offers both mat and reformer Pilates tied directly to Joseph Pilates' original teachings and techniques. Now, you've heard of Pilates if you haven't been living in a cave, and it might not seem like a creative way to spice up your workout life, but BodyMind Balance presents Pilates in a way even those who are familiar with Pilates have never experienced it.


"The amount of equipment that we have, the variety of teaching that we do, the high level of teaching, it just offers a completely new world for them, for people who are experienced in Pilates," says Co-owner Julie Toren, who is one of only about 87 Power Pilates teacher pinkfest_INSTORY.giftrainers in the world. Some of that equipment includes the Guillotine and Armchair, which became new to the studio in September. And no other studio outside of Chicago has the Guillotine.


Besides Pilates, BodyMind Balance serves as the only facility in Cincinnati where you can experience GYROTONIC, an exercise system that draws inspiration from yoga, swimming, dance, gymnastics and tai chi. "The amount of movement that you get in your body is phenomenal. Nothing else that I've done has given my body the amount of movement that this [GYROTNIC] system has," Toren, who also is a certified GYROTONIC pre-trainer.


Just like you have the equipment-free Pilates option with mat Pilates, you can enjoy GYROTONIC without the equipment in GYROKINESIS classes. These classes provide for freer, more expressive movement. Also, the classes are not as limited in size because the two-person 110909HEALTH2.jpgmaximum for the GYROTONIC classes results from the restrictions of the equipment. (There's only so much to go around!)


Between Pilates and GYROTONIC, BodyMind Balance has what it takes to take your exercise on a journey that won't lead you to workout boredom. "We have clients who have been coming here the full 15, 16 years we've been open, and they are as happy as the first day they came in. I mean, they're not bored at all," Toren says.


BodyMind Balance runs completely by appointment, so to pencil in your creative exercise or learn more about the studio in general, call (513) 351-7587, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit The studio is located in Evanston, Ohio, at 1940 Dana Avenue.


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Julie Toren
Location: The McAlpin

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