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Written by Linda Palacios   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 01:48

I Saw the Sign
Ace of Base would sing the praises of this Cincinnati man and his company. His signs, banners and other products stand out from the crowd with the creative approach behind them.

In today's marketing and advertising world, creativity is key, and Worldwide Graphics and Sign Company (formerly the Cincinnati Sign Company) has unlocked the possibilities for themselves, for business clients and for individual customers.


Marketing guru Christian Beebe started Worldwide Graphics almost three years ago to bring his creative talents together with his marketing and advertising abilities. His focus for the company is to produce realized ideas that nobody has seen before and to "take on machinery and push it to the limit," he says.


By pushing his and his team's creative boundaries, Beebe offers customers endless possibilities from marketing, advertising, designing and printing perspectives. "We can just do a lot of different creative things, whether it's just printing direct to materials that couldn't be done before like certain fabrics and wall coverings," Beebe says. Worldwide Graphics can print on materials ranging from vellum thin to 3 inches thick, so backsplash tiles and full-size doors aren't out of the question for printing options. In fact, the company could customize an entire room from the walls to the furniture to the carpet. 110909CAREER2.jpg


Worldwide Graphics also tackles projects meant for both indoors and outdoors. You've probably seen cars wrapped in a company logo, and Worldwide Graphics can do that and more. The company has provided sidewalk wraps that are durable enough to withstand rainy days and high-heeled feet.


Beebe and his team also have the resources to wrap entire buildings — up to 150 stories. These building wraps have grown in popularity in Europe, Las Vegas and New York, and Beebe expects that Cincinnati will catch onto the trend in the future, so one day Worldwide Graphics might wrap Proctor & Gamble's twin towers to look like a woman Swiffering the building. "It's basically larger than life advertising," Beebe says.


pinkfest_INSTORY.gif Beyond the looks of their products, the Worldwide Graphics team offers options to be more environmentally friendly. After their brief stay in the public eye, billboards and other advertising materials live in landfills for thousands of years. “Traditionally in our world of graphics and signage, there really have never been green options until recently,” Beebe says, and now Worldwide Graphics offers WorldGreen.


From post-consumer recycled content to biodegradable materials, WorldGreen allows customers to create a much lighter carbon footprint as they spread the word about their companies. "It will look exactly the same. You won't be able to tell a difference. The difference is, when it hits the landfill, the [product's] probably going to be three to five years before it turns to like an inert dust, and eventually it will be gone," Beebe says.


With all of the possibilities, Beebe still keeps prices at a minimum, with each order having a minimum of only $65. This allows Worldwide Graphics to cater to anyone ranging from a soccer mom wanting a banner to an entire stadium being wrapped inside and out.


For more information about Worldwide Graphics, visit them online at or call (513) 241-2726. Use extension five to contact Beebe directly.


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Christian Beebe
Makeup: Trina Paul, Nordstrom
Hair: Kathleen McGuirk
Location: The McAlpin

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