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Thursday, 05 November 2009 01:46

The "Custom-her" is Always Right
Your ideal beauty routine should be as individualized as your face shape and expressions, and this Cincinnati company works with customers to discover that ideal routine and put it in action.

Every woman is beautiful, but everyone has her day when it requires a little creativity to let that natural beauty shine. That creativity doesn't mean that you have to spend hours in front of the mirror with dozens of beauty products.


"To me, being creative is finding the right stuff that works for that person that makes it look great," says Ginny Fisher, owner of Studio G, a full-service skincare salon. Fisher works with customers on an individual basis to find that perfect formula to give each woman a look backed by comfort and confidence.


Every Studio G customer comes by appointment, so that Fisher can devote her full time and attention to each person. Appointments generally run for $75 and last an hour and a half to two hours, with every minute filled with beauty education and self discovery.


To begin each lesson, Fisher gets to know your style and time and budget restrictions. While one woman wants dramatic makeup, another might want a more natural look just as one woman may devote half an hour to her makeup application while another woman puts in five minutes. Fisher makes it her job to figure out what type of woman you are and what will work best for you.


In order to achieve that tailored look, Fisher specializes in custom-blended makeup. "Not only do we custom blend colors, we custom blend textures because it all works together, and it's the sum of the parts that make the whole look so great," Fisher says.


Fisher recommends that every woman take a stab and custom blending their own makeup. "Don't be afraid to play and mix with things," she says. From lip glosses to blushes and foundations to eye shadows, every makeup product can be mixed and transformed into the perfect shade, texture and overall look that your heart desires.


To blend lipsticks, Fisher suggests blending Vaseline with some of your lipsticks and putting your custom creations in pill boxes. Also, layering lipsticks and glosses can create a more unique look as well. Just remember to use thin layers, she says.


Also, experiment with your brushes. Every woman needs a good set of makeup brushes, Fisher says, but she also needs to know how to use them. Just as it took time and practice from the first time you picked up a pencil to the time you could write legibly, you will need to work with your brushes to be able to manipulate them the way you need to achieve what you want.


Beyond makeup application, Fisher also tackles skincare in her client appointments. She discusses with each customer what products might work best for that person so that customers don't have to buy whole shelves of products before they find what works best for them.


For more information or to set up an appointment at Studio G, call (513) 891-1555 or visit the salon online at The studio recently relocated to Suite 32 at 8005 Plainfield Road in Deer Park, Ohio.




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