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Written by Linda Palacios   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 05:44

Clucking for Your Career
Don't coop yourself up, chickadee. Get out and cluck a bit with this group of women who work together to provide a more successful career future for them all.

Socialization continues to be an essential aspect of every woman's life, whether that life is personal or professional. Women don't just love to talk. They need to talk. And Dutchgirl Enterprises Founder Amber DePrez knows that need.


DePrez decided to start a more club-like networking group called Coffee Cluck: Savvy Tips for Entrepreneurial Minded Chicks. "I wanted to do something that was a little more intimate than some of these larger networking events that you go to," she says.


Coffee Cluck offers more than just another networking opportunity, though. The name is based on the old Celtic adage: "The cock crows, but the hens deliver the goods." So DePrez structures her monthly meetings around her mission to provide a way for women to grow in confidence, strength and success. With this goal, each Coffee Cluck centers on a particular theme.


October's meeting revolved around the idea that "Handshakes Aren't Just for Guys." With a handshake being one of the ways to make a first impression, women at the event critiqued each other's handshakes. The group ended with the idea that a person's handshake needs to portray confidence with a non-apprehensive approach, a look in the person's eye and a firm shake of the hand.


Other Coffee Cluck events have included topics like "Building Strong Relationships" and "Living Your Vision," which was based on a book that DePrez co-authored. This month's Coffee Cluck will be Nov. 11 and will focus on "Survival Skills for the Real World," and Dec. 9 will bring "Celebrate Our Successes."


The group leaves board rooms and offices out of the mix for their events. While this week's spotlight story features a group that meets in a restored barn, DePrez's group of hens meets at Cobblestone Café in Fort Thomas. The Coffee Cluck ladies meet from 3 to 4:30 p.m. for $20 a person.


Coffee Cluck has included only women at this point, but the group is more mature than a little girls' club that has a "No Boys (or Roosters) Allowed" policy. "[Men are] more than welcome to come. I have no problem with them coming through the door," DePrez says. "It's just how brave they are to show up and sit there with all women."


For more information about Coffee Cluck, e-mail DePrez at amber@dutchgirlenterprises or call (859) 866-0803. To learn more about DePrez's own entrepreneurial endeavors, head to


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Amber DePrez
Location: The McAlpin

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