Revolutionizing Classic Communication

Revolutionizing Classic Communication
Speedy snail mail is no longer an oxymoron with this company. Learn how you can give your clients, family and friends that surprise in the mailbox without all the hassle.

Think back to the last time you opened your mailbox and received a piece of mail that wasn't a bill or a mass mailer. "There's a huge emotional impact and a lot of power in somebody receiving a greeting card through the mail," SendOutCards independent consultant Cherie' Winship. In this online-crazed world, those personalized letters and cards have become few and far between, but Winship has the answer with SendOutCards.


SendOutCards allows customers to do just what its name says — send out cards. As a customer, you can select your card and write your note but leave the stuffing, licking, sealing, stamping, addressing and sending to SendOutCards. And you can do it all for less than $1 a card, Winship says.


Gone are the days of stacks of outdated cards. With that type of organization, it's more than easy to just rely on e-mail communication. But that added touch with a letter in the mail can mean the difference between a sour sale and a big sign-on, as Winship's husband experienced first-hand after signing up for a pay-as-you-go account.


"In his repeat business to these companies, he not only would walk in and see his greeting card sitting up on the desk top of the person he sent it to, but the person, the 'guard dog,' came out from behind their desk, gave him a big hug, and then almost arm-in-arm marched him back to Mr. Decision Maker," Winship says.


The process works on a point system, and customers purchase points for varying prices, depending on their desired package. SendOutCards offers bulk points for a discounted rate so that businesses have a more cost-effective way to reach their clients and even employees, but the company also offers other packages, including the pay-as-you-go package that Winship's husband originally had.


For shipping costs, customers load money onto their expense account, and SendOutCards stays up-to-date with the constantly changing shipping prices.


Once you have purchased the points and loaded money to your expense account, let the card sending begin! You can choose from more than 15,000 cards or personalize a card with PicturePlus, where you can upload photos or images to feature on or in your card. Cards range in size from a postcard (one point) to a bi-fold card (two points) to a tri-fold card (three points).


After selecting the card fit for your purpose, you can add your message in your selected font and size. SendOutCards also offers the option to create a font with your own handwriting for a more personalized touch. You can enhance your message with photos through PicturePlus, and while it takes an additional point, you can add as many photos as you'd like for that one point.


When your creation is complete, you have the choice to add a gift to your card, or you can continue to add the recipient's address. At first this step might add a little time to the process, but your account will keep track of addresses you use. SendOutCards also offers the option to load contacts into the system.


Once your card is ready to go, you just review your order and click send. And without shopping for a card, searching for addresses or running to the post office, your card is on its way to its destination.


For more organization, you can set cards to send for a later date. So go ahead and get all of those birthday and anniversary cards out of the way at the beginning of every month. Winship recommends to not plan ahead too far in advance, however, because of the unexpected.


For more information or to learn more through a free trial of SendOutCards, visit Winship's site at


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