A Salute to Fitness and Fun

A Salute to Fitness and Fun
Unleash your fighting spirit with these local trainers who entertain you as they train you. Learn how you can reap results with this fitness duo in the "comfort" of your own home.


Atten-hut! Welcome, new recruits, to basic training, and prepare to sweat. Your pulse will pound. Your thighs will throb. Your arms will ache. And your body will shake — with laughter! At Keep It Tight Fitness in Mason, trainers and owners Melissa Matson and Tawnia Duermit are known to floor their “cadets” with their intense, hour-long, boot camp classes — and their humor and charisma, too.


“I think we entertain people. We get people laughing. Sometimes, they’ll be like, ‘Tell us another story because our butts are really hurting!’ ” Matson says.


Through Matson's and Duermit's stories and lives, women can relate to the trainers, making their fitness goals easier to visualize. Matson and Duermit have faced divorce, have gone through childbirth (Matson has three children and Duermit has a whopping seven!) and continue to experience mommy-hood. “We’ve been there, done that. It’s just more believable, and it makes them have hope,” Duermit says.



That hope has gone beyond their gym walls to catch the attention of women outside the Tri-State. Women from Indiana, Kentucky and even Florida have tuned into the twosome's Web site for a series of short exercise, nutrition and blooper videos. At the request of the out-of-towners, Matson and Duermit soon will be producing monthly fitness DVDs, featuring 15-minute abdominal, butt and upper body workouts.


“I’m hoping that it’s going to make women who don’t live anywhere near us — who can’t really have the 'Melissa and Tawnia' [factor] right there in their hometown — still able to follow us and be able to reach their fitness goals and exercise along with us no matter where they're at,” Matson says.


Like the videos on their Web site, the DVDs will satisfy Keep It Tight followers and fans with fast-paced, high-intensity exercise moves along with reviews of Matson and Duermit’s favorite products, nutrition advice, bloopers and tons of fun. Their DVDs will be available for purchase online, giving women across the country — and even across town — the opportunity to experience the inspiring, energizing and entertaining Matson-Goode duo.


“It’s a great feeling to feel that just here in the heart of Mason, you’re able to touch people so far away because I do think that we have hit on something that’s there for anyone for the taking,” Duermit says. “We’ve really done a lot of research, and we truly believe in what we’re doing and we’re seeing results.”


And those results come from Keep It Tight Fitness' virtual and physical gyms alike. The popular Bikini Boot Camp classes keep the customers and trainers on their toes. Constantly experimenting with new exercises and consistently challenging their classes, Matson and Duermit haven’t repeated a class since they started Bikini Boot Camp in April. Their fitness philosophy is to “strategically fatigue the muscles,” Matson says, using high repetition, muscle-specific exercises and your own body weight’s resistance.


“We don’t sugar coat it either,” Duermit adds. “We tell them they have to work their asses off.” So despite the trainers' humor, Bikini Boot Camp classes are no laughing matter. “Classes are really tough,” Matson says. “Extremely tough.”


Despite (barely) surviving their first brutal beating at Bikini Boot Camp, women like Amy Scalia, editor in chief and publisher of Cincy Chic, and Fox 19 reporter Meghan Mongillo still head back to the trenches, armed and ready for more tummy-tightening action. Read Scalia's blog about her experience, and watch Mongillo's newscast.


So, what keeps these ladies walking straight into this open fire? It’s the “Melissa and Tawnia” factor that Bikini Boot Campers just can’t get enough of — the pair’s sparkling chemistry combined with their high-energy enthusiasm and positivity.


“I think the group, the energy, the camaraderie with the women, is very empowering. The energy just transcends through everyone,” Duermit says.


For more information on Bikini Boot Camp, the Keep It Tight Fitness DVDs or Matson and Duermit's other fitness coaching services, visit their Web site.

To watch the video, click here or the play button below.


Photographer: Amy Storer-Scalia
Models (left to right): Melissa Matson and Tawnia Goode Duermit

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