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Which celebrities make color specialist and hair designer Jane Phillip’s "whole world happy"? Take a look at the 'dos that today's most popular celebrity muses are rocking.

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A Head of the Trends
You'll never have a bad hair day again after reading what this local salon owner has to say about the "hautest" trends in hair color and style — healthy, beautiful, natural-looking hair!

For the hungry trendsetter on the prowl, the New Year begins on Sept. 10 — day one of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The fashion world celebrates this weeklong display of Spring fashions with the kind of vigor and zeal that could pull the United States economy out of its current coma.

While Fashion Week brings a valuable lesson or two about couture consciousness from the New York City catwalk, fashion junkies and rookies both know that a style icon has more than just a closet of great clothes. She has a fabulous head of hair too.

"Your hair is your greatest asset," says Jane Phillips, owner of Avanti Hair Salon. "Enjoy it. Have fun with it!"

A hair designer and color specialist with 20 years of experience, Phillips pours her love and passion into her work. These ingredients have translated into her business's 14-year longevity come December. She brings out the fabulous in every woman's ultimate fashion accessory by using innovative color techniqu
es specially tailored to accentuate her clients' most stunning physical features.

"I think there is something beautiful about everybody," Phillips says. "When I design a cut and a color or an image for a woman, everything is taken into consideration."

And Phillips is hardly exaggerating. She closely examines every client's skin tone and texture, eye color, and head of hair — leaving no tress unturned — before she makes her hair color prognosis.

"My analogy [for hair color] is you can buy the most beautiful dress that fits you perfectly. It hangs on your hips. Your breasts look great. It's beautiful on you, but it's lime green or bright orange, and it doesn't match the skin tone," Phillips says of her holistic approach to hair color. 090709BEAUTY.jpg

One of the key ingredients to great hair color is contrast, Phillips says. Cool, blue eyes, for instance, pop aga
inst fiery, red hair whereas golden blond locks wash out a woman with a yellowy complexion. Dimensional color techniques — the use of multiple colors to create allusions of depth and height — leaves her clients' freshly dyed hair looking like a natural gift rather than the pricey product of salon services.


"One of the arts of being beautiful to me is to look as natural as possible," Phillips says. "You don't want people to come up to you and say, 'I love your hair color' You want people to come to you and say, ‚'You look fabulous!' To me, that's what hair coloring and what I do is all about." EDDIELANE_INSTORY.gif


Integral to achieving a natural, flawless-looking hair is maintaining its integrity. "That is hottest trend right now — just healthy, silky, flow-y hair," she says.

To prevent hair wear and tear, Phillips recommends using professional salon products (Redken is her favorite brand) and advises against over blow drying, over processing, and cutting corners by coloring your own hair.

"I think women do too much," she says. "It's like if the hair looks good in five minutes, they feel like there's something wrong. It shouldn't take long to style your hair."

To contact or book an appointment with Phillips, call Avanti Hair Salon at (513) 241-4447 or visit her online .

To learn more about matching skin tones and face shapes with hair coloring, watch the video below by clicking here or the play button.


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