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Written by Linda Palacios   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 06:26

Chic Spotlight: Laure Quinlivan, Parent and Politician
Life can be one long tightrope as you try to balance your priorities. Learn how this local woman has found tools to keep from falling and a mentality that keeps her going.

Cincy Chic
: This issue focuses on balance, so from your perspective, why is a balanced life so important?


Laure Quinlivan, Cincinnati City Council candidate and owner of LQ Consulting: Without balance, you can’t fully appreciate your life. Feeling grateful is wonderful. No matter what you achieve professionally, it doesn’t compare to a balanced life with good relationships. Making family a priority does, in fact, mean that I sometimes pass on important work events and opportunities, but I never regret it.


Cincy Chic: As a working mother and small business owner who is running for City Council, you survive on multi-tasking. On what key qualities in yourself do you rely to make it all happen?


Quinlivan: Organization and planning ahead, striving for excellence and positive thinking. I am very much an optimist.


Cincy Chic: As a candidate for City Council, how do you plan to use those key qualities to create a more balanced Cincinnati?


Quinlivan: Thinking positively, I feel we have a huge opportunity to make Cincinnati a hip, happening city. Our city is out of balance in that Cincinnati doesn’t sing its own praises. As a result, we often end up at the bottom of national surveys when people are asked where they’d like to live/visit.


I really appreciate the great arts and culture, the physical beauty and easy living in Cincinnati. I’ve lived in New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Nashville and a couple other smaller cities before moving here in 1994 to lead the I-Team at Channel 9. As a professional storyteller (reporter) the past 20 years, I feel uniquely qualified to promote Cincinnati to the rest of the world, which in our case includes many suburbanites who won’t come downtown.


Cincy Chic: What have been some of the more difficult obstacles in your quest for balance in your life, and how have you overcome them?


Quinlivan: I gravitated to a very intense career. Investigative reporting is the hardest — but most rewarding — job in TV news because you do work that can actually make a difference in your community. Doing it well meant devoting a lot of my time and energy to it and working odd hours as stories got closer to airing. When I’m really into a story, it consumes me to the point I end up dreaming about it at night.


The way I was able to get balance was having a baby. I had my daughter in 1994 and quickly realized nothing was as rewarding as the simple joys of motherhood. Work was no longer everything. For example, I remember running after a woman in the middle of the night in a bad Washington, D.C. neighborhood as part of an undercover I-Team story on panhandlers thinking, “Why the heck am I risking my life for this? It’s stupid. I’m a mother now!”


Cincy Chic: Your 18 Emmys and two Peabody Awards confirm your success in juggling what life throws your way, so what recommendations can you offer other women who are struggling to find balance in their own lives?


Quinlivan: Hug and kiss your kids a lot if you have them. I’m lucky. My wonderful 2 year-old baby boy gives mommy "squeezy" hugs on command. That’s a nice balance to the death stares I get from my teenage daughter.


Sing and dance, even if you’re not that talented. (My husband tells me I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld!)


Find an activity that takes your mind completely off work. When I lived in Nashville, tent camping on the weekends in state parks and fishing in waders refreshed me like nothing else. Here in Cincinnati, yoga class one to two times a week keeps me balanced and happy, especially because after yoga the girls go for coffee at Lookout Joe.


Cincy Chic: All work aside, how do you let loose and enjoy life?


Quinlivan: Besides doing yoga, enjoying wine and learning new things, I try to take a great vacation every year. This summer my husband and I went to Italy with another couple, a trip we planned and talked about for nine months.


Unfortunately, the trip cost me the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, whose leaders scheduled Council Candidates interviews the week I was scheduled to be in Italy. I declined to cancel my trip but talked to union leaders on the phone before I left. However, some AFL-CIO guys didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t there in person for their interview session. They endorsed two young guys with far less experience who’ve never been in unions. I’ve been a union member most of my career and even negotiated for our reporters union at Channel 9. My union experience was trumped by what some perceived as a diss — choosing vacation.


Putting family first will cost you professionally at times. I certainly don’t regret choosing Italy with my husband and friends. I’m confident I’ll still win a seat on City Council. Plumbers and Pipefitters, Sheet Metal and Electrical workers and Teamsters love me!


Cincy Chic: As a former WCPO-TV I-team investigative reporter, you know your way around the Queen City. What is your favorite thing about Cincinnati?


Quinlivan: Here are a few of my favorite things:


Alms Park; parties and running in Ault Park; the vibrant and diverse Findlay Market on a Saturday morning; living in a city with professional sports teams even if I rarely go; the low cost of living that allowed me to buy my first home; getting downtown in seven minutes; the arts and culture scene, including Playhouse in the Park, the Symphony and Ensemble Theatre; and the gorgeous architecture in Over the Rhine. For restaurants I love Nada, Tucker’s and J. Alexander’s in Rookwood, which draws a nice racial mix for unknown reasons that intrigue me.

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Laure Quinlivan
Hair and Makeup: Cura Bella Salon
Location: The McAlpin

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