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Written by Linda Palacios   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 03:55

Putting Social Media on Your Side
Wading through the digital world of social media can be a daunting task. Keep yourself in check and on the right track by following these tips from a local web-savvy senorita.

A tech-savvy woman paired with the online resources of social media can make for an impressive impact on the term "word of mouth." In fact, Boot Camp Digital CEO Krista Neher has quite the social media tale to tell. A Facebook message from a Canadian contact indicated that she had seen Neher on a coworker's computer, most likely because of Neher's connection with social media, Neher says. The Canadian contact works in France, and Neher lives in the United States — Cincinnati, Ohio to be more precise. So with the help of social media, Neher's impact took on an international reach.


With Neher's strategic approach to social media, it wouldn't be a surprise if this seemingly coincidence turned out to be a result of her tested tactics. Her company, Boot Camp Digital offers technological help for individuals and businesses alike. Through training sessions, consultations and setting up company models, Boot Camp Digital provides options to fit customer needs. And Neher offers some basic tips to keep your balance when dabbling in the online world's social sphere.


Apply a Business Perspective


Before tumbling into Twitter, falling into Facebook or barging into blogging, determine your objective, Neher says. Just like marketing in the real world, you need to plot out your virtual campaign. Figure out what you want to achieve by using social media, who your best audience is to fulfill that goal and how to target that demographic most effectively, she says.


After you determine the goal and target audience, use those factors to help decide which social media outlets will yield the best results. "The reality is that not everyone in the world needs to be on Twitter," Neher says, so research the user demographics for each outlet and compare your results against your target audience to choose the best match.


Maintain a Disciplined, Strategic Approach


If you jump in the water before you learn to swim, the result isn't difficult to determine. To save yourself from drowning in the social media pool, figure out a plan of attack. "The key to being successful in social media is really to have a clear strategy going in so that you know what you're hoping to get out of it and then to be strategic in how you use it so that you're actually seeing returns on your efforts," Neher says.


Besides setting up a strategy for how to use social media, plan out when you will be using it. With the web of connections each outlet weaves, social media easily can drain your day's valuable hours. Spend no more than 30 minutes to an hour on each blog post. Also allocate around 10 to 15 minutes each day to build your network on outlets like LinkedIn or Facebook. By taking a short time each day, you can gain more of a presence on the site.


Prevent Common Pitfalls


"People have this obsession with collecting people," Neher says. This is the time to remember your target audience. How many of your "followers" or "friends" or "connections" will help you achieve your objective? "It's more about your influence versus just your reach," Neher says.


Beyond reaching your target audience, make sure that those people are helping you to obtain your objective. "The power really of social media is to get others to talk about you," Neher says. The more people interact with you and talk about you, the more people will hear your message.


For more information about Boot Camp Digital and its helpful ways, visit the Web site.

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Photographer: Joseph Morin
Model: Krista Neher, Boot Camp Digital CEO

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