Life's Balancing Act

083109FEATURE.jpg Life's Balancing Act
A goal-achieving guru's most coveted tips

Are you spending more time at work than at home? Can't find time to relax? Take the advice of a seasoned business owner who's been there, done that and learned valuable lessons from it all.

She shares her secret strategies so you can achieve the balance you desire. Whether that balance lies in simplification or happiness, her tips for trailblazing toward goals will help satisfy your thirst for success.

The modern-day woman's responsibilities grow with time, but it's nothing she can't handle. She would pat herself on the back as one of the greatest jugglers of all time, but she's too busy for that. So how does she do it and keep a smile on her face (most of the time)? She is the mastermind of thinking ahead and being prepared, and if she's really on-track, she's probably following the wisdom of Lynn McInturf, founder and owner of Lynn McInturf Associates.


As a company that offers sales training and development, Lynn McInturf Associates serves corporations, small and large businesses, and individual sales professionals to help them improve their approach so that they yield a higher return. While McInturf uses her methodology to help people striving for sales, her basic concepts can be applied to any goal in life.


Setting the Finish Line


McInturf's first piece of advice is to determine that goal. "The really great thing about life is that, I would say, life is a blank sheet, and we get to create it," McInturf says. Be honest with yourself in what you want in life and what path you want your life to follow. Women choose to dedicate themselves to their career, family or both.


Decide what works for you and don't dwell on what you think might be a "wrong" answer because, when it comes to lifestyles, each woman has her own idea of what exactly is right and wrong. It's important to be at peace with your goals because, without peace, you will feel conflict, which will lead to unhappiness and a general lack of success.


"Nobody can tell us what success is," McInturf says. "The outside world tries to tell us what success is, but at the end of the day, I have to create my definition of success, you have to create yours, and every other person has to create theirs."


For McInturf and many others, success is in happiness. "I think people are happiest in life when they are growing personally, and when they're growing personally, they have those goals that they're trying to achieve," McInturf says.


Improving Your "BATing" Average


To help her clients improve their sales, McInturf teaches them how to improve their "BATing" average, with behavior, attitude and technique. These three components form a triangle with each side just as important as the next. "You need a balance in each area to be successful," she says. When addressing behavior, McInturf encourages her clients to think about what they are doing on a daily basis to get in front of the right people. Next, she asks them to consider their belief systems in achieving their sales goals. If you don't believe that you can succeed, you should change your mind or change your game. Finally, clients need to focus on their technique and the process they use to secure their sales.


Outside of sales, anyone can apply this planning and focusing strategy to any goal. "I think it can be applied to all aspects of life," McInturf says. "You just need to define what goal you want to accomplish, and then you put your B, your A and your T against any goal you have."


For example, many driven women have running a marathon in their list of goals. To help transfer that goal to the list of successes, they need to determine how often and how far they need to run each day (behavior). Also, they need to believe that they will be able physically and mentally to run 26.2 miles (attitude). Finally, they need to figure out a specific way to run and breathe (technique) to make it make it happen. After the BAT preparation, the women need to adopt those triangular factors into their daily life.


Continuing through Hardship


Obstacles in the road toward your success are inevitable. No path is perfect, so you have to go back to step one to make sure that you know what you want and are committed to obtaining it — no matter what life throws your way. "Any goal worth accomplishing, it's going to be a tough climb up the mountain, and as we're climbing up the mountain, adversity's going to hit," McInturf says. When you face that adversity, you will have two choices: camp or climb.


"There's really only one difference between people that climb and people that camp, and it's their compelling reason to reach that goal," McInturf says. "The goal has to be not an option. I call it no-option mentality, but once that goal becomes an option, we'll all camp instead of climb."


Those who camp at each sign of difficulty will take a long time to make it to the summit (the goal) and may never actually reach it. Goal setters who maintain their purpose despite distractions, however, generally maintain the balance in their lives, McInturf says. "They know that to reach the top of the mountain, they have to have balance in all areas of their life," she says. "They have to have strong support systems and relationships. They have to take care of them physically, mentally and spiritually. They have to work hard to get there."


So success and balance go hand-in-hand, and without focus and determination, neither will be possible. Set your desires, determine the BAT that will be essential to achieving them, and never turn back.


For more information about McInturf, her company or her services, visit her Web site.


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