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What's He Thinking?
Men take the hot seat to answer women's burning questions


Men and women aren't really from different planets, but understanding the opposite sex is a universal dilemma. From sex and relationships to "man mysteries" and stereotypes, two of Q102's DJs weigh in on why men think and act the way they do. Read on to hear their insight into the male mindset and what makes men tick (other than sports and beer, of course).


Men and women can seem like different species at times. So while you might feel that "you can't live with 'em but can't live without 'em," Cincy Chic strives to push you toward the "can't live without 'em" as we venture into the mind of a man and come out with some answers.



We have picked the brains of Q102's Jeff Thomas, co-host of the "Jeff and Jen Morning Show," and Brian Douglas, music director and on-air DJ 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. for "Brian and Laura." These men offer different perspectives of the male mentality as they answer questions every woman wants answered.


Cincy Chic: What are the rules on physical contact between guys (i.e. hugging, handshakes, chest bumps, victory slaps, etc.)?


Douglas: If you go to a movie with a guy friend, there ALWAYS has to be a seat between the two of you!


Thomas: A handshake is the preferable (and most acceptable) form of physical contact between guys. A brief hug accompanied by two slaps on the back is perfectly acceptable for life-long friends, provided the hug doesn't last more than three seconds. Any hug lasting longer than three seconds takes on a whole different meaning. Chest bumps make you look stupid, and should never be done in public. While victory slaps (as in high-fives) are acceptable, victory slaps involving the buttocks are not -- ever.


Cincy Chic: What type of physical contact with a woman is considered "manly" and what indicates that a man is "whipped"?


Thomas: I assume you mean in public? Manly: handshakes, high-fives, and fist-bumps. Whipped: hand-holding, kissing, or cuddling. Sorry, ladies, one of my buddies might see me.


Cincy Chic: Do guys like women to make the first move? What qualities in a woman would make a man feel intimidated?


Douglas: I love it when a woman makes the first move! I also look at strong women as very sexy, not intimidating.


Thomas: We love it when a woman makes the first move. It shows that she's confident, knows what she wants, and is willing to put herself out there. But there's a big difference between confident and "aggressive." No man wants to feel like he's in competition with a woman -- it's a turn-off.


Cincy Chic: Why are guys so eager to "sex and tell" with their buddies? What makes sex such a vital part of a conversation about a relationship?


Douglas: I am not a kiss and tell guy. What goes on between me and my girlfriend are things that need to stay between she and I.


Thomas: Sex is what drives men's ego and sense of masculinity -- and there's a lot of bravado that comes with that. Men love to assert their masculinity, and that's where the bragging comes in. Hey, if Bigfoot ran through your backyard, but no one saw him except you, did it really happen? Probably not, but you're still going to tell every soul that'll listen.


Cincy Chic: What is the expected path of a relationship? When should the physical landmarks happen?


Douglas: Not a big believer in any kind of rules on dates. I am all about letting things happen naturally at whatever pace. If it's worth it, there is no need to rush anything. Live in the moment and enjoy every day.


Thomas: Look, a man ALWAYS wants to sleep with you. Having said that, giving it up on the first date will make him think you're easy. To remedy this, I suggest first on first, second on second and third on third. In other words, on the first date, if you're so inclined, take him to first base. If he's earned a second date, take him to second and so on. This way, you're always moving forward and you don't come off like a tease -- or worse, a skank.


Cincy Chic: What do you think is the most common "guy" thing that women just don't understand? Can you try to explain it?


Douglas: I don't feel we are all that complicated of a species. [Laughs.] I am a simple guy with complex desires at times.


Thomas: Men are not as complicated as women make us out to be. Most of us aren't the brooding, tortured, pretty-boy (disguised as a bad-boy) that you've grown accustomed to seeing on soap operas. We weren't hurt THAT badly in our last relationship, so that crap we dish out about how we're afraid of being hurt again is just our way of saying we're not all that into you. If we REALLY want you, we'll move heaven and earth to win you. I promise.


Cincy Chic: What are some stereotypes about men that are just not true?


Douglas: That ALL men are dogs! That chivalry is dead. It's not dead in my relationship. It is very much alive.


Cincy Chic: What are some stereotypes about men that are dead-on?


Douglas: That a lot of men are dogs. [Laughs.]


Cincy Chic: Can guys and girls ever just be friends?


Douglas: Yes -- with conditions, the biggest being that neither is sexually attracted to the other.


Thomas: Definitely! As long as they aren't attracted to each other.


Cincy Chic: What other "man laws" and guy secrets should women know about?


Douglas: NO games! Please no games! Just be yourself and live in the moment, and if you are lucky enough, that most amazing person will walk into your life when you least expect it.




Photo courtesy of Brian Douglas

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